Estate Planning

Gary Davis has spent his career listening to his clients’ needs and representing them with excellence. For over 35 years, he has served residents in Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas & Hillsborough counties from his law firm in New Port Richey and built a reputation of providing personal attention to every detail because your case is as important to him as it is to you.

An Estate Plan involves more than planning for death. It’s a plan that protects you through each stage in life’s journey. As an experienced Pasco County lawyer, Gary can help you maintain your lifestyle as long as possible, care for you when you are unable, and provide for loved ones following your death.

Estate Planning – Most people put off estate planning because they think they don’t own enough assets, they’re not old enough, they’re too busy, think they have plenty of time, don’t know an attorney, think it’s expensive or they just don’t want to think it. Gary L. Davis, PA has years of experience helping Florida residents create an individualized estate plan that will protect assets, maximize your loved one’s inheritance and give you peace of mind that your wishes will be honored.

Last Will & Testament – Most commonly referred to as a “Will,” we can put a plan together to take care of loved ones according to your wishes. Wills are not just used in elder law, parents of minor children or children of any age with disabilities need a will to ensure their care should the parents become unable to care for them.

Advance Directives – Included in your will, we will prepare an advance directive which is a written statement of a person’s wishes regarding medical treatment to ensure those wishes are carried out should you be unable to communicate them to a doctor.

Durable Power of Attorney – As part of your will, a Power of Attorney or POA, names another person to speak for you in those areas you choose if you are unable to communicate.

Designation of Healthcare Surrogate – This document is included to name another person to make medical decisions for you should you become unable to communicate.

Probate Administration – Probate can involve extensive filings and deadlines as well as notification to heirs and creditors, inventory of the estate and distribution to creditors and heirs. As a seasoned probate lawyer, Gary can assist the personal representative through this process to alleviate delays or missed filings and ensure the decadent’s wishes are followed. Conversely, we also represent individuals who need to contest a will.

Trust Administration – Administering a trust is much easier and less expensive than probate, but it is a big job. As a law firm in New Port Richey serving Tampa Bay area residents for over three decades, we can handle the legal and tax issues involved, as well as identifying the trust assets, notifying the beneficiaries and creditors, paying the bills, liquidating the assets and distributing the assets to the beneficiaries.

Inherited Property – Being named as a beneficiary of real estate can present challenges as well as rewards. Unless you are the surviving spouse of the decedent, receiving the inheritance can be a long and complicated process. Gary will explain the process, make sure filings are timely and protect your interests.

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